Palash Debnath

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PhD Scholars

Dr. Palash Debnath (1987-2017) was the first enrolled student and the first independent PhD graduate from our group. He took extra-ordinary efforts and exemplary leadership in developing our group, to where it is today. He was our first lab manager and helped to develop the Hydrogeology laboratory as well as the School or Environmental Science Engineering facility from scratch.


He did his cutting-edge research on Submarine Groundwater Discharge at the Bay of Bengal between 2011-2016, a time when the rest of India's academia barely even recognized the term. He was an ardent fieldworker, as well as highly proficient with analytical instruments. His published works are regarded as milestones in Indian coastal hydrology. 


After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, he was working as an Research Associate at National Institute of Hydrology at Roorkee. Within one of year joining, he became an indispensable assets for the Institute. However, his untimely demise in 2017 put a end to the bright career of the countries one of the most promising young minds