Manoj Kumar

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PhD Scholars

I have expertise in Environmental Science research related to inorganic metal pollution their mobilization, source identification and impact to human health. I worked there as a Visiting Research Scholar and did analytical work with some sophisticated instruments like: HPLC coupled with ICP-MS, SKALAR methods, SEM-EDX, TOC analyzer etc. I focused on arsenic speciation and total estimation arsenic and other elements in environmental samples. I studied many subjects related to Environmental Sciences in my Masters along with this I have some research experience in chemistry of glacier melt water to know the weathering processes. In my M.Phil I worked on fractionation or phase bound studies of heavy metals in sediments collected from middle Gangetic plain. Currently, my work is focused on Environmental heath and human health risk assessment and Geochmical modelling with the special reference to arsenic and using some tools like environmental isotope as a signature to know the aquifer redox environment.