Avishek Dutta

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PhD Scholars

Research/thesis Topic:

PhD Thesis - Geomicrobiology of Deep Subsurface Granitic-Basaltic Environment of Deccan Traps at Koyna-Warna Region, India

Avishek Dutta is a geomicrobiologist with experience in working in extreme environments ranging from deep subsurface igneous rock systems of Deccan traps to deltaic alluvial soils of the world's largest delta, Sunderbans. He holds a B.Tech in Biotechnology from West Bengal University of Technology. He completed his M.Tech in Environmental Biotechnology from Jadavpur University where he has secured first position and was awarded gold medal for being university topper. Avishek is fueled by his passion for understanding the interaction between biotic and abiotic worlds, microbial evolution and adaptation under extreme environmental stresses, and origin of life. He considers himself a “forever student”eager to build on his academic foundations in the field of geomicrobiology and stay in tune with the latest discoveries through continuous study and research. His hunger for knowledge and determination has contributed to his success of attending summer school at Yellowstone National Park, USA, and working at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. He has also grown interest in the field of computer application, where he works on bioinformatics and machine learning based methods to understand and elucidate the diversity of the microbial world. He also considers himself an ‘explorer’, who likes traveling, exploring new places, and enjoying the nature’s grandeur.

Present Affiliation:

Postdoctoral researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, CA, USA


Contact info:

Phone: +1 323-970-6804