David Anand Aind

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PhD Scholars

Research Topic :

Groundwater Pollution - Its Source and Transport

With interests in groundwater related health hazards and pollution, his primary research focus is to understand the processes by which various pollutants get released into the groundwater and to find sources of clean and safe water. His interest for hydrogeology grew while he was living in Guwahati as the city faces acute water shortage during the lean periods when the water table falls considerably, leading to water syndicates and rising water prices. He advocates for free and safe drinking water for all. He has an M.Sc. from B.H.U. and B.Sc. from Gauhati University. He was awarded Dr. Pabindranath Datta Memorial Gold Medal by Cotton University for securing the highest mark in Geology (Hons.) in B.Sc. Final Exam. He is an avid reader and loves playing football, besides taking up gardening as a hobby. He is from Dibrugarh, Assam.