Suhail Ahmed Lone

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PhD Scholars

Research/thesis Topic:

Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic evidences of groundwater evolution and recharge in Indus basin Ladakh (J&K India)

I Suhail Ahmad Lone is actively involved in hydrogeology and isotope geochemistry research and has experience in working on surface and sub-surface hydrology. I have done Ph.D. in Applied geology and my thrust area of research is hydrogeology. My Ph.D. topic was Hydrogeochemical and isotopic evidence of groundwater evolution and recharge in Indus basin, Ladakh India. No work was carried out in this part of Himalayas regarding hydrogeology except few unpublished reports of CGWB. I have worked on Ladakh groundwater to understand the hydrogeochemical evolution of groundwater and groundwater flow system in hard rock aquifers of upper Indus river basin. In addition, I assessed the sources of geogenic elements and processes controlling mobilization and release of geogenic elements particularly Arsenic (As). I have also tried to identify the potential groundwater sources although this is a basic work and needs to be carried ahead that will help us to understand groundwater resources of upper Indus river basin, Ladakh.

Present Affiliation:

Research Associate

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Kashmir, Srinagar J&K

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Phone: +917006885548