Engineering Drawing

The sole purpose of communication is to convey information. We come straight to conveying engineering information. It is the information which let one know about various aspects of an engineering product, i.e. shape, dimensions, material, etc. The final goal is to achieve the finished product – a bicycle, a hand pump, a ship, a simple nut and bolt joint. Naturally to get to the goal, one will start with product conceptualisation and proceed towards generation of relevant design information, design drawings, production drawings, etc. The design and production drawings are nothing but conveying specific information about the engineering product – the shape and its dimensions. The entire communication is through the drawings.
About the Program : The course has been planned in two Modules - 8 weeks module and 16 weeks module. This Course will be conducted by Prof N R Mandal, Ex- Professor and Dean, IIT Kharagpur. In his own words "Engineering drawing is referred to as language of Engineers. The Design Engineer talks with the Production Engineer through this language. If we aspire to be good Engineers, along with other knowledge, we must also master this language: The language of Engineers – Engineering Drawing "

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Why Engineering Drawing ?
Cutting Edge Technologies

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Excellent Instructors

Our Faculty Members are from Industries, Retired Professor or Alumni from Eminent Institutes like IIT Kharagpur. So we have excellent hands and instructors join us to explore your career.

Most Interesting

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Live Projects

We are about to collaborate with eminent institutes for this program to get better guidance, syllabus and repositories so that you can learn the best.

Easy to Learn

Our Techincal Team is busy in creating the contents which will be easy for people to understand.

The instructor led Certification Training Program
Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 1: 8 Weeks Module

Duration: 8 weeks; Contact Hours:6 hrs per week, Home assignments: Participants will be given home assignments on alternate weeks. The following topics will be covered during the said duration of 8 weeks. Introduction, Line Types, Shapes; Isometric Drawing; Orthogonal Projections; Sectional Projections; Dimensioning.

Lec : 20 Hrs, Tut : 30 Hrs

Module 2: 16 Weeks Module

Duration – 16 weeks; Contact Hours – Total 90 hrs; Home assignments – Participants will be given home assignments on alternate weeks. The following topics will be covered during the said duration of 16 weeks. Introduction - Line Types, Shapes; Isometric Drawing; Orthogonal Projections - 1st angle projection, 3rd angle projection; Sectional Projections; Dimensioning - Linear dimension, Angular dimension, Leader; True Shape; Intersection of Two Members; Development Of Surfaces.