Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for the use of Magnox Learning Cloud Platform are stated in brief :

Teachers :
1) Teacher Refer to anyone who will use the portal to teach the students, add or manage a program or teach in others program.
2) If the teacher add a new program and get it approved, he or she will become the admin of the program
3) Incase of Payment settlement, it will be done once in a month.
4) The Teacher will either pay a monthly / yearly charge or will pay on per students basis , depending on the agreement with him.
5) The Teacher will not use the copyright material of other teacher without the permission of the owner of the content.
6) The teacher will not upload videos of the other Professor which do not belong to him/her
7) Incase the Teacher violates the agreement we can block his or her account.

Students :
1) The Students will register into the Portal, search a program and enroll there for Learning.
2) For the Free Programs students can access it for Free
3) For the Paid Programs students will have to pay.
4) The Refund regarding cancellation of Program Registration the Refund will be given as per the Refund Policy