Arsenic & Other Contaminants Fate & Transport: From Global-Scale To Lab Scale


Enrichment of arsenic (As) and other geogenic toxins (e.g. Co, Cr, F, Hg, Mn, Se, U) has resulted in severe pollution of potable surface and groundwater, soils and plants in many parts of the world, leading to severe environmental crisis on a global-scale. We are one of the global leaders in developing and executing inter-disciplinary research in understanding the occurrence and mobility of As and other toxic metals in water systems. We study the hydrodynamic, hydrogeochemical and biogeochemical controls on the distribution, contaminant fate and kinetics in natural and anthropogenically-induced groundwater and aquifer systems across the globe and up to laboratory-scale experiments. We lead most of the geoscientific research on As in India and regularly collaborate with other major As research groups at KTH (Sweden), Dhaka University (Bangladesh), UCL (UK), Columbia University and MIT (USA)

Ph.D. Students:

  • Swati Verma, CSIR- Junior Research Fellow
  • Ashis Biswas (co-supervisee, stationed at KTH)
  • Amit Kundu (co-supervisee, stationed at Kalyani Univ.)

Project Examples:

  1. Controls on As in groundwater of Western Bengal basin
  2. Comaprison of As between parts of India and Bangladesh
  3. Geologic and geomorphic influence of As in Central Gangetic plain
  4. Chemical evolution of As enriched groundwater in Inner Mongolia
  5. Hydrochemical modeling of As fate in Argentina
  6. Geothermal As in Cost Rica
  7. Global As cycling: ONGOING